Boldness Is Not Rudeness: My Lesson This Week

2 Aug

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThose of us who were use to living in the shadows sometimes are excited by our newfound confidence. We look for opportunities to express ourselves, especially since we are kind of just finding our true voice. We are realizing how much we matter and regaining our power. With that also comes a few decisions. People are no longer going to discount or walk all over us. Also, we are overcoming the fear that comes along with asking for what we really want. Although, the journey to courage is an amazing one, we must be mindful of the impact it has on others.

Unfortunately, this week my boldness was delivered in a way I’m not as proud of. In the moment it felt right, but when I revisit that memory it now feels a little funky. This week I snapped on a taxi cab driver who was rude to me. I felt justified…

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A Recipe for Boldness

4 Mar

Cook book.

It’s extremely easy to proclaim boldness, but not always as simple to execute. Finding ourselves more focused on an imaginary end result rather than being present in the moment and facing our fears is quite common. Most shy people spend the majority of their time worrying. “What if it doesn’t work out as I planned?” or “What if they all laugh at me?” are a couple of those concerns. Although, each appear to be a realistic cause for uneasiness, the likelihood they’ll actually happen is a lot less than one thinks. This world is overflowing with individuals who’ve been successful in business, entrepreneurship, life and relationships. At some point, I am sure, a large majority of them suffered from a little self-doubt. The difference is, the fear was overpowered by the desire for what they wanted to accomplish. Basically, those individuals did what they had to do, and they did…

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